Where there is a good wine, a tasty bite should not be too far away. That’s why we would love to introduce you to some of the flavours the South African kitchen has to offer. These dishes go great with the wines we offer, so have a look. We’ve simplified them with easy to follow movies so you can recreate and enjoy them at home with your favourite Proef Zuid-Afrika wine.


Baie maklik, baie lekker!

Smoked salmon pasta with capers

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We received the recipe for this smoked salmon pasta with capers from a Proef Zuid-Afrika friend because it pairs so well with Cape Fern's Sauvignon Blanc. Deliciously fresh with creme fraiche,...

Butternut Soup with Cornbread Muffins

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Butternut soup with cornbread muffins is a true South African dish! In South-Africa the last months of the year are very hot because it's summer then, but still this warming wintery...

Avocado with Garlic Shrimp

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Avocado with garlic shrimp is a South African dish loved by many for its unexpected combination of flavours. The creaminess of the avocado combined with the salty, garlic marinated shrimp is a treat for the...

Cheesy Pull Bread with Spicy Chakalaka

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Pull bread exists in many forms, but the tastiest is prepared with lots and lots of cheese. Eating this dish with your fingers is of course the way to go here....

Date, Goat-cheese & Bacon bite

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The date, goat-cheese and bacon bite isn’t a classic South-African dish, but certainly not unknown. The combination of outspoken different flavours and ingredients from different countries is something typical for South...