The Britz Family loves to describe Under Oaks as ‘A place where everything is perfectly imperfect!”This is a family business where everything is still done the old fashioned way, with great compassion and care for the process. The company didn’t start by a definite plan nor was it bought from another winery, it started by two old friends adventuring through winery, starting with first making a hearty Cabernet Sauvignon. Everything just fell into place from there on.

Bertus, also lovingly called the big friendly wine giant, has a long and outstanding history in the wine industry. He is the winemaker at Under Oaks and is described as a man with loads of passion who loves to explore the endless possibilities of wine making.
“The human dimension of the wine industry is definitely one of the aspects that I love. I meet wonderful people, make wonderful friends and enjoy loads of laughs whenever I present a wine tasting or have a wine chat, which is probably 80% of the time. Making wine, selling wine, enjoying wine is all about quality relationships” – Bertus Fourie