Jacaranda is a boutique winery from the Wellington area run by Rene and Birgit Reiser. Both were born and raised in wine growing areas, so from a young age their passion for the industry grew. This passion, combined with love and knowledge turned into a dream which took form in Jacaranda wine estate in Wellington. They are the smallest registered wine estate in South-Africa, a title they wear with pride.

” Sometimes, passion weaves through your life’s journey and dreams like a red thread. And if you are very lucky, this red thread will lead you to a place where you actually get to live your dream. For us, this place is Jacaranda ” 

During the wine making process Jacaranda uses organic methods. No pesticides touch the ground and no machinery is used in the vineyards. This soft touch translates into the taste of their wines. For them, the beauty lies in simplicity.